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Virginia F.(Fannie) Burton B. 1849D. 1923


Virginia F.(Fannie) Burton was born 1849 in Illinois. She died 1923 in Bayou Meto, AR.


Not knownNot known


Mary GibsonCharles GibsonJames GibsonBurton Gibson

Married Hiram David Gibson 1870Macoupin Co, Illinois
Born 1849Illinois
Died 1923Bayou Meto, AR

Other information

Wife of Hiram David Gibson sometimes called "Fannie Vernie" . married to Hiram David Gibson on 8-25-1870 Macoupin Co., Ill/* Book 5 pg 70, license # 6952n on 8-25-1870 Macoupin Co., Ill/* 1880 Ark Co, Ark, bayou meto twp pg 36b, lists her as "Francis" 34

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